#beefBan in Maharashtra

So much of speculation on current news of #beefban in Maharashtra, many are in rage as one can no more eat red meat. This news is currently storming a lot on Social medias with everybody whining against the ban. It's all because nobody can taste the meat anymore in maharashtra, people's fav menu is outlawed now. The combination of mutton curry with parrota or unavoidable kappa with mutton which one malayali or any south indian - non vegetarian never mind spending lil more from wallet and sit even in the simplest of hotel at road side and get sweat beads on forehead due to the spiciness. Well, all this yum-yum is not mattered in Maharashtra or by Vegetarians. 

Cow being sacred to Hindus, will not tolerate the cruelty in killing too. Albeit question raised on well being of this meat animal is also not to be neglected. The reason of ban is "religion", and also imposed with a penalty of 10k if sold or slaughtered, it's also relevant to slap one with penalty on abandoning of this animal.

Honestly, i am supporting the ban.

I would say to all who oppose; the ban of killing cow may be initiated by political leaders to gain support from people and the bill of passing this law is accepted after 19 years. It may not be a genuine stance, and may only be to gain support from people as you know well about political play, but one shall understand how very violently the slaughtering is done for the production of leather. 

Seriously it's ruthless to watch the killing of this herbivores creature, cow or buffalo, for the benefit of some private sectors. 

We may definitely like to taste this meat and it could be disheartening to give up this food, but to object the violence and cruel action we shall support the law and abide to it. 

Probably to create the hype or to exaggerate the issue, some political parties or the media has ignited #hastag of #beefban than #banonslaughterofcow. India being a Religion sensitive nation will definitely have such subject boosted. 

There was a post on Facebook by a Muslim lady, very commendable.

"Pork is banned in all Muslim countries, no one has any objection. India is 80% Hindu country and if cow slaughter is banned here, everyone starts to object. Will beef consumers die if they didn't get beef to relish? It's high time that we started to respect the religious sentiments of the majority also, rather than always trying to appease the minority. Besides, banning cow slaughter from health perspective is also an invited decision by the Maharashtra gov. Same should be implemented all over India." - Sofiya Rangwala

Hope to see more of acceptance.

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