Judging others and making wrong decision


30th April'13

Why we all are interested in judging others without knowing the fact. Why people play the role of God ? Why one get influence by other ? Why not one make their own decision ? This is the question that comes in my mind when other judges. 

I have mentioned "Why people play the role of God ?", because we often do that; people do make mistakes and every one of us tend to commit mistake and here we must forgive them and move ahead instead of judging them and playing the role of God. Judging others will keep one person away from you and only thing you will have for that person is grudges, do you think it is worthwhile ? 
Some time we make judgement by knowing the true fact and by not knowing.
Well even if we know the so-called true facts, and the person had hurt us purposefully, do we really need to punish them ? And after punishing a person will the mistakes be rectified ? Instead of this, why not make them understand what is good or wrong. Yeah though People are grown ups and mature, they have the capability of understanding things on their own but by making them know to work on right things, will not put your value down, it will raise yourselves up as you are teaching someone on living good. We are humans, we are bound to make mistakes and with mistakes we learn and after committing a mistake we improves and we all of us, in one or the other way, intentionally or unintentionally do make mistakes. If you think you did something wrong and seek for forgiveness; so, why not forgive for what wrong others did to you ? Forgive other and move ahead, let it go. Surely you will feel proud of yourself for what you did. 

Another thing is, Why one get influence by other ? 

Damn! God has given you eye to see, ear to hear, brain to think. After having all these qualities why not make your own decision ? why getting carried away by others perception ? Think on your own and make decision, letting others come and drive you away into a wrong path with their influencing words shows that you do not have your own capabilities. Its good to make a decision after understanding a person well and not by understanding partially.

Hope some people learn things with time, as with time we get knowledge and with time we get wisdom. 

A meet up with few old friends


10th April'13

Yesterday evening went to meet up with my Junior college buddies, it was a sudden plan by one of us due to eagerness in meeting up with us and also it has been more than 4 years we met after leaving college.

It was only 4 of us who met, wish the whole group had united together but sometime thinking of reunion of the whole group seems to be impossible because some are out of state for studies, few went abroad for work and some couldn't take an off from work. Yet another reason for impossibilities is personal grudges which raised against each other before our college got over, can be said due to reasons like misunderstanding, stupidity and immaturity that we had when we were 16 or 17 years old. I am not sure if resentment is still existing in one's heart or not but yeah if its not, then the whole group would get happy to meet up as we all miss our old days.

If heard the whole story, it may sound a little like Bollywood films, cause our life then was filled with drama, emotions, laughter, love, fight, argument, dance and much more and also like your group get split into two before the college gets over which is traditional in real life and reel life. Gosh after having a conversation with friends yesterday i missed my old days very badly and i guess same is the condition with others.

Well we guys met at a mall at Bhyander - Mumbai. It was pretty nice feeling and a grin also reached our face after seeing each other :)
We began searching for a bench to sit outside the mall which is likely getting a seat in Mumbai local trains during peak hours and luckily we got one. But before that we asked each other about current affairs in life, later continued conversing and knowing about other people of the group. With times i forgot few memories too but through chatting had recollect all of those memories, some were weird some were funny :P :D

Very good thing to share is every moment we lived is unforgettable  we lived our own lives no one to stop us, no restriction in any manner. Cannot forget the moment of happiness we had. Doing dance practice for college cultural festival, going to one friends place just to watch movie together and to other friends home to play games like dumsheras, truth or dare, this truth and dare game made gals cry a lot and guys with laughter. :P it was so because the gals use to take truth and they get emotional after disclosing certain things and with guys performing dare was funniest :D

One of our friend's home was close to our college, an hideout to pass our time by cooking food and have talks and talks and talks :D
And cannot forget our Velankani church, we often hangout there because of the beach and also cause of the beauty and calmness. We never bothered to travel 10-12 KM to reach Velankani, i guess twice a week we be there only. whole year we were cracking out jokes pulling each others leg, wasting our time, not letting the professor to teach us, going for movies, mixing all chemical bottle in chemistry lab so that the next batch doesn't get the proper result, doing time pass with our biology and chemistry teacher, flirting with others.. not me, my friend i mean :P  damn wish to go back and live those days again. Aur phir pata nahi kyu kiski nazar lagi humein, the last two month of the second year was disturbing, nothing was going good but woh buri batein be bhoolni padi thi so to prepare ourselves with board exam, this has also affected our result too but not in worst way :P

After discussing on things that we did on those days, we laughed on ourselves lot. Our childish behavior .. hehe.. Before leaving we took some pics for memories, i am not having it currently or other had post some of them here.

One thing learnt is .. Hurtful words cannot be forgotten but person who said those words can be forgiven. With immature behavior we all made mistakes but this mistakes has improved by our wisdom. 
After talking loads we had to hurry home and planned to meet again with other guys too. Lets see how is this possible and if reunion can ever happen or it can only be imagined.

Resuming work


9th April'13

Got done with exam couple of days back. Well the exam was not so very good :P
When your exam is over you get so relief from tension, headache and everything. The first thing i did after reaching home from exam was retiring on bed, my sleepless night for a week was horrible for me, again i don't get sleep during such time it may be due to tension but gotta suffer to prepare and so not to get screwed :D

Finally i am fine and cool but still there is one more paper remaining which will be held on 25th of this month :( Ah! it doesn't bother me much cause its only one paper.. hehe.. 

Now back to blogging and learning many other things. Well today i resumed my blogging in techxure.com also will be contributing in techwithric.com henceforth. Lets see how will i be able to manage both of this program, will be spending more time to write article for both of them. 

Do stay in touch by following my blogs and social websites. 

Take care all :)

Cleaning of church on palm sunday


8th April'13

I was suppose to write this on the very next day of palm Sunday but for some reason couldn't write it except the heading :P

Since it was a palm Sunday, so the whole church floor was with flowers and it becomes obvious for us to do the cleaning. We bought broom and dust pan to sweep the carpet for quick work. There were some altar boys who were cleaning altar and other guys were outside the altar. 

Once the carpet cleaning was done we rolled the carpet in half and began sweeping the floor after that doing the mopping and repeating the same for other half. Since there were 12-15 of them, the work happened quickly.
Last time we did cleaning with fewer guys it made us dead tired and also last time we did it horribly by taking out the whole carpet from church and cleaning the floor. Damn! it was such big deal to do the work then by taking out this huge carpet from church, removing the dust from it and also cleaning the floor inside church, it was too terrific which we did then. But thanks to our church priest this time who gave us a sense of rolling half portion of carpet and doing the cleaning of floor, it worked out easily with no loss of much strength. I guess the whole work was done in 4 hours.

This cleaning was done last year
One thing i missed which was done last time is terrace cleaning for organizing an event. Gosh it was so fun, simply we take bucket of water and pour it on floor and if somebody stand in front of you then sprinkle water on them. This is just one part of fun i am saying now there were so many other prank that we played on others while working. :D This may sound not too funny for you, but when you do certain things with your good buddies then you enjoy it to the core.

After everything we went up to terrace for lunch, had brought puri bhaji from outside, after working so hard everyone was tired so no one bothered thinking on taste of food, i am saying it cause the bhaji was little burnt and above of that i do not like ghee and that was made with ghee :D

Who cares about taste when you are too hungry and found something to eat, all we wanted is our little energy back by having something. That's how our day was spent in church.

Again cleaning of church will be done somewhere in November.

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