A meet up with few old friends


10th April'13

Yesterday evening went to meet up with my Junior college buddies, it was a sudden plan by one of us due to eagerness in meeting up with us and also it has been more than 4 years we met after leaving college.

It was only 4 of us who met, wish the whole group had united together but sometime thinking of reunion of the whole group seems to be impossible because some are out of state for studies, few went abroad for work and some couldn't take an off from work. Yet another reason for impossibilities is personal grudges which raised against each other before our college got over, can be said due to reasons like misunderstanding, stupidity and immaturity that we had when we were 16 or 17 years old. I am not sure if resentment is still existing in one's heart or not but yeah if its not, then the whole group would get happy to meet up as we all miss our old days.

If heard the whole story, it may sound a little like Bollywood films, cause our life then was filled with drama, emotions, laughter, love, fight, argument, dance and much more and also like your group get split into two before the college gets over which is traditional in real life and reel life. Gosh after having a conversation with friends yesterday i missed my old days very badly and i guess same is the condition with others.

Well we guys met at a mall at Bhyander - Mumbai. It was pretty nice feeling and a grin also reached our face after seeing each other :)
We began searching for a bench to sit outside the mall which is likely getting a seat in Mumbai local trains during peak hours and luckily we got one. But before that we asked each other about current affairs in life, later continued conversing and knowing about other people of the group. With times i forgot few memories too but through chatting had recollect all of those memories, some were weird some were funny :P :D

Very good thing to share is every moment we lived is unforgettable  we lived our own lives no one to stop us, no restriction in any manner. Cannot forget the moment of happiness we had. Doing dance practice for college cultural festival, going to one friends place just to watch movie together and to other friends home to play games like dumsheras, truth or dare, this truth and dare game made gals cry a lot and guys with laughter. :P it was so because the gals use to take truth and they get emotional after disclosing certain things and with guys performing dare was funniest :D

One of our friend's home was close to our college, an hideout to pass our time by cooking food and have talks and talks and talks :D
And cannot forget our Velankani church, we often hangout there because of the beach and also cause of the beauty and calmness. We never bothered to travel 10-12 KM to reach Velankani, i guess twice a week we be there only. whole year we were cracking out jokes pulling each others leg, wasting our time, not letting the professor to teach us, going for movies, mixing all chemical bottle in chemistry lab so that the next batch doesn't get the proper result, doing time pass with our biology and chemistry teacher, flirting with others.. not me, my friend i mean :P  damn wish to go back and live those days again. Aur phir pata nahi kyu kiski nazar lagi humein, the last two month of the second year was disturbing, nothing was going good but woh buri batein be bhoolni padi thi so to prepare ourselves with board exam, this has also affected our result too but not in worst way :P

After discussing on things that we did on those days, we laughed on ourselves lot. Our childish behavior .. hehe.. Before leaving we took some pics for memories, i am not having it currently or other had post some of them here.

One thing learnt is .. Hurtful words cannot be forgotten but person who said those words can be forgiven. With immature behavior we all made mistakes but this mistakes has improved by our wisdom. 
After talking loads we had to hurry home and planned to meet again with other guys too. Lets see how is this possible and if reunion can ever happen or it can only be imagined.


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