Cleaning of church on palm sunday


8th April'13

I was suppose to write this on the very next day of palm Sunday but for some reason couldn't write it except the heading :P

Since it was a palm Sunday, so the whole church floor was with flowers and it becomes obvious for us to do the cleaning. We bought broom and dust pan to sweep the carpet for quick work. There were some altar boys who were cleaning altar and other guys were outside the altar. 

Once the carpet cleaning was done we rolled the carpet in half and began sweeping the floor after that doing the mopping and repeating the same for other half. Since there were 12-15 of them, the work happened quickly.
Last time we did cleaning with fewer guys it made us dead tired and also last time we did it horribly by taking out the whole carpet from church and cleaning the floor. Damn! it was such big deal to do the work then by taking out this huge carpet from church, removing the dust from it and also cleaning the floor inside church, it was too terrific which we did then. But thanks to our church priest this time who gave us a sense of rolling half portion of carpet and doing the cleaning of floor, it worked out easily with no loss of much strength. I guess the whole work was done in 4 hours.

This cleaning was done last year
One thing i missed which was done last time is terrace cleaning for organizing an event. Gosh it was so fun, simply we take bucket of water and pour it on floor and if somebody stand in front of you then sprinkle water on them. This is just one part of fun i am saying now there were so many other prank that we played on others while working. :D This may sound not too funny for you, but when you do certain things with your good buddies then you enjoy it to the core.

After everything we went up to terrace for lunch, had brought puri bhaji from outside, after working so hard everyone was tired so no one bothered thinking on taste of food, i am saying it cause the bhaji was little burnt and above of that i do not like ghee and that was made with ghee :D

Who cares about taste when you are too hungry and found something to eat, all we wanted is our little energy back by having something. That's how our day was spent in church.

Again cleaning of church will be done somewhere in November.


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