Taize meet at Vasai - Mumbai


3rd March 2013

After the church program on Sunday by 2:30 pm, i'd head towards St. Thomas O.S.C at Vasai - Mumbai. There was a program of taize a gregorian worship in another word 'Meditation'. 
Before going to main topic let me tell you something about "Taize", Well, Taize is a community center at France, at a place called Taize (They have named the community center's name under place name) Here people of different denomination like people of Protestants, Roman Catholic, Orthodox and many more come together to worship Lord. 

I reached Vasai Station around 3 pm, called up my friend to know the direction to church and by 10 or 15 minute i am at church place. There i saw two other friends of mine of same church with Br. Patrick, who came from France to conduct this meet. Another reason for his coming to India was on organizing the same Taize meet for a day somewhere at village place in Vasai during Diwali time of this year. Br. Patrick and me had a short introduction with each other and then after a while the program begun.

We all accompanied and sat inside church, the lights were off, over front, before the Altar there were 3 Icon photos, 2 at corner and 1 in middle, surrounded with Diyas.

There, the worship started. We all were meditating, that went for 20-30 minutes. Then after the meditation Br. Patrick gave a short introduction about Taize and his team and later our Bishop H.G. GeeVarghese Mar Corilos thanked everyone and our John Bhaiya from Chembur also thanked everyone for coming to this meet, as people from various church participated. Though the program was for an hour but we had a spiritual blessing after the program plus attending such divine event during this lent season is also great. Alongside Brothers who had come for the program was hurrying for another program at Vasai itself.

After John Bhaiya's speech we all went for snacks Had little of talks with friends who came from other churches, cracking out jokes with them and plus it was fun to meet them after months. 

Before leaving the place clicked some photos with friends and bid adieu to all. 

In all, it was nice to attend the program gotta learn about Taize, got confidence to organize the worship once again in our church at Mira Road. Thanks to vasai team for organizing such wonderful event and giving the chance for all to be together once again during lent season. 

P.s. While returning home, along with friends of powai church, was planning a trip to Goa during June month. Lets see whether i will be able to make it or not.. But yeah it's gonna be fun if i did as it had been fun when went to lonavala with my church friends couple of months back.

Well friends, wish you a happy evening. Take care!


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