Day's last step

16th Jan'14 - 10:00 PM (IST)

Nothing special today, was as usual or nothing identical, went as rest of the days.

Thoughts running in mind, success, failure, work, meetings, social and many. Travel to office, work, loads of work which never end. 
Once i use to say divide your work as you cannot do your entire work in a single day, impossible. Never stay idle, if no work then create a work to be efficacious, as marketing people do, even if  there is no want of product to be bought, marketing guys will create one in mind., that's the key to success.

Woah, wondered a bit on how will i take myself a step ahead, will climb on the highest peak even if there is thorns on way. "Walking in path of darkness, no shield to protect myself. Since lost all hope that had, walking still assuming, i may receive.

Days are passed as normal or usual, to make it unique, entail energy. When think of putting efforts then there is Chetan Bhagat who advises to spend more time with family, hangout with friends, take your girl friend for a movie... heheh.. well i am just kidding. He is also right, as one should not absolve themselves in land of work, you gain nothing other than money. Money will fulfill all your need but when you need someone to listen to you to out speak your heart, you will find none. Doing hard work is important at the same time you must also spend quality time with family and friends.

Damn when i begin to take the step of doing something productive that's when the laziness fly across your brain and hamper them :-P
Ah! Life is not easy that's my good old friend use to say. You have to struggle then only Lord the merciful shower blessings. Well yeah same feeling with me, As you pedal your cycle you will move fast so like is life made of......

Travelling back home, no crowd in bus, lil throat pain due to winter. Have to practice my act for Chazon.

Also chatting with friends on whats app .. Yo.. Yo.. ;-)

Happy new year - 2014


1st Jan'14

Today is the beginning of 2014 + my birthday... Well most people make merry on the beginning of new year by going to bash or a party place and some go to church or temple to be sanctified from god for the whole year and asking for the forgiveness of faux pas or misdemeanor committed on previous year... 

Well i have nothing against people who go for social gathering, actually even i love to merrymaking and dance even after not having the knack for it :P
Its good to have fun too. :-) :- ) Which i miss !!!!
Yep the day began by going to church at 31st night. :-)

I specially thank friends who kept me in prayers and wished me, its really kindhearted of them and you feel humbled when you know that someone care for you. Friends are most important part of each's life..

"Lucky are those for having different friends for each occasion but blessed are those for having same friends on all occasion."
Its not easy to sustain relationship with one, my sincere thanks to all for being with me always.

There are many things to achieve in this 2014... will have to put more efforts to accomplish dreams.. Already geared up for it.. Let's see how it works out.

Now, would like to wish you a very happy new year, may this year bring love, peace and abundance in your life :-) Que la bénédiction du Seigneur soit avec tous. May lord's blessing be with all.


The whole universe conspires to help when you try to achieve something


29th Dec'13

With so many things life is consisted of.. Days pass by sometime and you remain perplexed of the current status quo... There is a lot of dreams that you wish to fulfill but not sure if it is ever gonnna happen. To overcome daily complications we formulate to do things in certain way but it remain unexecuted.

Few days back read this line of bible from an holy bible app where everyday you receive a daily verse.. It was like this,


"Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand."

               We ponder over on so many thoughts in our lives, had ever calculated how many of them were completed or made it live. ? If analysed more of this notions are worries, which occupies our brain entire day. But as read above, its up to Lord of what we receive and not obtain.

This doesn't mean that you must leave everything to God cause he(Lord) just show us the way and its on to us if we take the step or not..
Well we must never stop dreaming of what we want, Lord being a father of ours make sure that we receive the best we can handle. And also it is said, "If you wish to achieve something in life, the whole universe conspires to get it for you.

Being human we are frightened, we fear of losing those people or those things that are close to our heart or something which we never ever would think of going out of our hand. But friends there is no fun without challenges, let trouble come, do not fear, strive to overcome those problems and damn after accomplishing the work, the happiness you receive is incredible. Its a feeling of proudness. :-) Its similar to the one that your parents feel when you do something unexpected and come to a success.

Enjoy each moments that you live, give away grudges if there is any... Bring happiness by being happy :-) as when you are happy, people around you also get blissed. Never resist yourselves from achieving your dream, one day you will live what you wished for.


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