Happy new year - 2014


1st Jan'14

Today is the beginning of 2014 + my birthday... Well most people make merry on the beginning of new year by going to bash or a party place and some go to church or temple to be sanctified from god for the whole year and asking for the forgiveness of faux pas or misdemeanor committed on previous year... 

Well i have nothing against people who go for social gathering, actually even i love to merrymaking and dance even after not having the knack for it :P
Its good to have fun too. :-) :- ) Which i miss !!!!
Yep the day began by going to church at 31st night. :-)

I specially thank friends who kept me in prayers and wished me, its really kindhearted of them and you feel humbled when you know that someone care for you. Friends are most important part of each's life..

"Lucky are those for having different friends for each occasion but blessed are those for having same friends on all occasion."
Its not easy to sustain relationship with one, my sincere thanks to all for being with me always.

There are many things to achieve in this 2014... will have to put more efforts to accomplish dreams.. Already geared up for it.. Let's see how it works out.

Now, would like to wish you a very happy new year, may this year bring love, peace and abundance in your life :-) Que la bénédiction du Seigneur soit avec tous. May lord's blessing be with all.



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