Day's last step

16th Jan'14 - 10:00 PM (IST)

Nothing special today, was as usual or nothing identical, went as rest of the days.

Thoughts running in mind, success, failure, work, meetings, social and many. Travel to office, work, loads of work which never end. 
Once i use to say divide your work as you cannot do your entire work in a single day, impossible. Never stay idle, if no work then create a work to be efficacious, as marketing people do, even if  there is no want of product to be bought, marketing guys will create one in mind., that's the key to success.

Woah, wondered a bit on how will i take myself a step ahead, will climb on the highest peak even if there is thorns on way. "Walking in path of darkness, no shield to protect myself. Since lost all hope that had, walking still assuming, i may receive.

Days are passed as normal or usual, to make it unique, entail energy. When think of putting efforts then there is Chetan Bhagat who advises to spend more time with family, hangout with friends, take your girl friend for a movie... heheh.. well i am just kidding. He is also right, as one should not absolve themselves in land of work, you gain nothing other than money. Money will fulfill all your need but when you need someone to listen to you to out speak your heart, you will find none. Doing hard work is important at the same time you must also spend quality time with family and friends.

Damn when i begin to take the step of doing something productive that's when the laziness fly across your brain and hamper them :-P
Ah! Life is not easy that's my good old friend use to say. You have to struggle then only Lord the merciful shower blessings. Well yeah same feeling with me, As you pedal your cycle you will move fast so like is life made of......

Travelling back home, no crowd in bus, lil throat pain due to winter. Have to practice my act for Chazon.

Also chatting with friends on whats app .. Yo.. Yo.. ;-)


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