Athapu design - participated in athapu making competition

After brainstorming on title, chose to settle with the above written simplest one. I should have done it 50 seconds before. It's always a hurdle for a writer to think and come with interesting titles but if this post was to be for my client then certainly would had come with some fancy text.
Don't know why, soon after writing the title i hit the tab key on keyboard for 7 times to get the cursor on this text box to resume with my blog and it happened to start with "Dear all", probably my 'Work' affect, as i happen to write mails to my client beginning with "Dear" also typing on an average 30-40 mails a day which subconsciously apparently coerce myself to such inadvertent type.

I was to write about this title on Last Sunday, as on 24th Aug, we participated in Athapu (Flower design) making competition organized by Malayala Manorama & Akbar Travels at Matunga at Flamingo Banquet Hall.

We reached the venue and at entrance itself registration was happening. We gave our confirmation of booking ourselves before, took a step further in preparing ourselves for the competition. Now what we saw is a huge crowd of elders specially Uncle and Aunties of age above 40 and some of less than 15 age, presuming them to be the kids of this elders who are participants and competitors to us.
Everyone was occupied in chopping of those flowers to very tiny crumb as finally those tiny bits and pieces makes your design appear further effective which me or my team wasn't aware of  through the end as we were doing it for the first time ever.

Max were in their traditional attire similarly was us and me deep down was specially concerned of my mundu that it not get loose and embarrass myself in front of 100 and at the other end i see the rest running wearing this mundu.. Woah.. I being cautious while walking and letting not one to know about me being disquiet through facial expression :P :D but at the end i learned how to overlap mundu above the knee ;-) Well it's indeed pretty cool to be in a traditional attire and walking wearing in midst of Mumbai crowd, you sense like alien but when amongst your own friends then who cares...

After having breakfast we resumed our work again in cutting flower petals as previous night doing it till late 1 a.m. couldn't finish off the work. Due to additional need of this petals in a very small pieces we knew, may have to entrust 2 people in chopping petals to small pieces so we could achieve exactly the designs requirement.
Announcement was made, competition will start in few mins, we wrapped all necessary component
of the design and lead to the design hall and on bell ring we commenced our work.
Only 2 days practice on design and no plan on how to color our abstract design, with void preparation we proceeded with the competition, having no background skills in making our Athapu design.
Later, it was mentioned on mic, only half an hour left after 2 hours and we noticed our design and then at others, where other team finished more than 90% of the design and we probably could accomplish barely 60% of it. It was honestly tragical plight to us as we do not want to end being unsuccessful in designing the Athapu. Eventually attained completing the work with alteration on 3rd circle of the layout as we were left with exceptionally short time. But we did our best ultimately in executing the work in given period of time.

Came out of the design hall and hopped for food to fill empty tummy.. hehe.. Bhukad hu thoda :PBut whatever, the food was simply delicious, craved to go for another trip but hesitated :D in malayalam i must say it as nannam :P

Have posted the pictures of the athapu design in pinterest profile.. Adding the widget here..

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Interesting and amazing designs, right? Even i was amazed with many talented work. 
Looking ahead to participate in the competition again next year and put front to people our (Mira Road Mgocsm people's) great skills. ;-)

- 29th Aug'14

Happy Birthday Bhai

Sitting on a executive chair used for computer work, i wrote this title and stopped. Now 5 days later, resuming today.. Hehe.. Day after day you are proceeding with multifarious topics to write but it demands extensively spare time which i must not restrain myself from writing but at the end my body is exhausted and breathe and invoke to get laid on bed instantly after reaching home.

To put good imagination a bit of extra time is necessary.

It was 15th Aug'14.
This year got to learn that its just not my Brother's birthday, nor also an Independence Day of India but also a day celebrated as a Assumption of Mother Mary. Ah! at least, at this 23rd age i got to know about it or otherwise might have been dumb to my kids in giving knowledge.
Previous night of it, Mum asked, Eda ("Hey", in Malayalam) you going to Church tomorrow morning, there is a prayer (the whole statement was in malayalam) and looking at mum, deeply a thought running in mind, suspecting my own intensity, if i be able to rise with spark and head at church or just be lazying on bed. Ultimately, the next day, since we had leave so body didn't get up or got off the bed (Not blaming self, as my own beef itself was an explanation to it)

Firstly, dropped, wished my partner in crime at many times and a big time support in my life always.
I had put him in trouble and many times he did with me.. following the law, tit for tat.. hehe.. it was customary in those days of childhood to beat down your siblings and kick off the outsiders too if incase anyone did wrong to your brother or sister. Nelson, always been my protection, took care of me always whenever i had a fight with anyone and at many other occasion.
Words remain always minimal to speak about such moments. From 3rd paragraph i am thinking on what to write more pleasing, actually there are many incidents to pen down but i have poor habit of treasuring them with me always and not disclose all the stories. I know the writer must always speak his heart for his reader, probably, the continuation of my writing may let me open and be more expressive in later days.

Couple of my friends dropped me the wishes for him. And here is a post shared by me, wishing in FB. Pic was taken few hour before of his move to abroad for work on Jan'14 with couple of my close friends presence.

Best wishes and prayer always for you. Take care.

- 20th Aug'14

Post by Rejo Raju.

Best wishes and prayer always for you. Take care.

- 20th Aug'14

Another Sunday began and ended with my best friends birthday celebration

Haha.. Was bored of surfing then unexpectedly clicked to write of which only this title was written on on 3rd Aug, which was a week last sunday.. hehe.. yes, after 7 days writing it now.. :P :D 
Phew! your friend Rejo Raju is living a hectic life. Ah! seriously whether you may believe it or not but yes indeed i am saying truly, keeping aside most of the time spent in unproductiveness. Haha.. Yes, as a human being it happens. :-) ;-)

Yes it was another sunday, 3rd aug, another 1st sunday of the month, resumed by going to church. Sometime we devotee get so devoted that if didn't go to church on Sunday then may feel very guilty or not effective start. So yes, i need to go to church to feel the presence of Lord in me. After Holy Qurbana (mass) there was a meeting amongst all the spiritual organisation of church, to understand the current scenario of the group so if some fruitful could be implemented out of it. Ah! I wished to write this gossip topic but today would skip it and write it as a another topic next time. ;-) 
What curious to know what's going on in my mind? Well, wait for it, have lil patience.. Will reveal them but say obscurely.

After the meeting there was a meeting for the Athappu competition which is going to be held on 24th Aug at Mulund, we were discussing on some unique design, after numerous idea we concluded the meet with a vague design as much more was on way to make a final settlement.

As written before, that my life gotten very hectic, work, meeting, socializing, serving, partying and more.............
Well today was the celebration day of our friend Richie. His official birthday falls on 6th Aug but due to the unavailability of ours on that day we programmed to make it happening on 3rd itself, a Surprise Surprise :-D 
Haha, Yes, we were full prepared to surprise him, got the gift, card, decor items, snow spray, balloons, popper, whistles (my fav) and cartoon caps.. Hehe.. Bought all of this item to surprise him 2 days before his bday. All prepared and all set, heading towards his home after buying all the items from nearby shops closed to Rich's home. We were moving and got close, reached down his building, was entering the gate and there we see Mr. Richie Sajan seeing us, standing down his building, close to the elevator. Looking at us, at our hand, carrying the bags filled with many items, and there the surprise got baaammmmmm floped :-( hehe.. sad news, it didn't happen as what we had planned and it is bellyflop. 

We malayalis didn't give up, kept the goods bought for him away from his eye, asked him to go to his room and lock himself until we not signal him to come out. Then folded our sleeves to prepare ourselves shortly to give our flop surprise.. hehe.. Decorated his home with balloons and there my friend Rojin got a disco light, that was another excellent stuff we had it with us other than our awesome cheese cake which was super delicious and me keenly waiting for the knife cutting the cake so a piece of it gets in my watery mouth. :-P

Done with all the setup, opened his door and asked Rich to come out, there the blowing birthday whistles, filling home with noises, snow spray on him and the bday popper on floor... It's a custom of the group that the house will be cleaned by the one whose birthday we are celebrating. :P Not giving work load to Mummy, Papa..... All this happened when he walked from his bedroom to Living area and eyes for once fallen on the cake. I had taste the cake already in Monginis, as me & Rojin got the opportunity to taste it before placing the order, since then our eyes, mind, heart everything was on the time for cake cutting.

Here is bit of sneak peak.. 

Delicious Cheese Cake.. Yummy!

Added with Magic Candles... Takes your breath away ;-)

The Thala Mathengyas

Here is me and Rojin with my Fav whistle :P Peep Peep... ;-)

Amongst, Not a DSLR pose.. :-D

Want to see us more closely.. Here is another Not a DSLR pose.. :-P

There is some Greeting cards snap which shall not be posted for the confidentiality of Bday boy ;-) 

Bday boy become best by being with the best people always that is "Us". Life ko thoda hike karle yaar , so a bit bit hike on my dialogues.. ;-) 

And there we had a delicious pasta, must say long awaited pasta by Sharon (more than a year wait)

After all this fun.. Only our dear friend Sharon Sajan will remember that it is also a friendship day (1st Sunday of August - 3rd Aug) and had freeze us, stepping quickly out of her bedroom with Friendship bands with her. Which we all forgotten but as said only Sharon will never pretermit.

Guess our hand :-P

Probably we were there for 5-6 hours, celebrating, pulling legs, having fun.. Finally after all the photo shoots got our bags packed.. took the phone from charging sockets and headed towards apne apne ghar.. It was really amazing day.. I was lil unhappy initially for the surprise getting flopped as the reaction coming out of him will not be same.. Alas! our buddy was seen extremely happy for whatever we did on that day.

A Popular song clicked me.. 

Yeh Dosti Hum Nahin TodengeTodenge Dam Magar Teraa Saatha Naa Chhodenge

If noticed my last  article was also on birthday celebration.. Wondering, is this blog meant to write on how i celebrated one's birthday.. If any publication organization wish to write on this topic do contact me for awesome tips.. Bye! Take care :-) :-D

- 11-08-2014.

Dinner with friends - Thala Mathengya

Since Monday is a boring start of the week so to make it entertaining my group friend thought of going for dinner all together, for fun and will end up in hangout, could say cherishing moments.

Ah! We friends also na so busy people .. Hehe.. start of the week couldn't leave early due to heavy work load and eventually left late from office so planned for Wednesday night. Apparently our week start got to be tedious :-P Even after couple of decision you cannot break the fact and reality of Monday :-D

No matter what occasion be as far as you are with some good friends, its enjoying. The comments, pulling legs or otherwise putting soya sauce in ones glass without their notice and letting them drink same. Wow.. Pranks are cool even when you are in restaurant.

Few clicks!

Me busy tasting schezwan with fried noodle..  

My friend Rojin giving pose for the click but not drunk.. Honest guy .. LOL :P :D

Ah! Love to be clicked girls

Hehe.. Confidently i am typing the caption , i know the gals not such a geek that they do read ones blog.. :-P

Confident does matter but comes sometime when you know that you are safe. :-D

Day's last step

16th Jan'14 - 10:00 PM (IST)

Nothing special today, was as usual or nothing identical, went as rest of the days.

Thoughts running in mind, success, failure, work, meetings, social and many. Travel to office, work, loads of work which never end. 
Once i use to say divide your work as you cannot do your entire work in a single day, impossible. Never stay idle, if no work then create a work to be efficacious, as marketing people do, even if  there is no want of product to be bought, marketing guys will create one in mind., that's the key to success.

Woah, wondered a bit on how will i take myself a step ahead, will climb on the highest peak even if there is thorns on way. "Walking in path of darkness, no shield to protect myself. Since lost all hope that had, walking still assuming, i may receive.

Days are passed as normal or usual, to make it unique, entail energy. When think of putting efforts then there is Chetan Bhagat who advises to spend more time with family, hangout with friends, take your girl friend for a movie... heheh.. well i am just kidding. He is also right, as one should not absolve themselves in land of work, you gain nothing other than money. Money will fulfill all your need but when you need someone to listen to you to out speak your heart, you will find none. Doing hard work is important at the same time you must also spend quality time with family and friends.

Damn when i begin to take the step of doing something productive that's when the laziness fly across your brain and hamper them :-P
Ah! Life is not easy that's my good old friend use to say. You have to struggle then only Lord the merciful shower blessings. Well yeah same feeling with me, As you pedal your cycle you will move fast so like is life made of......

Travelling back home, no crowd in bus, lil throat pain due to winter. Have to practice my act for Chazon.

Also chatting with friends on whats app .. Yo.. Yo.. ;-)

Happy new year - 2014


1st Jan'14

Today is the beginning of 2014 + my birthday... Well most people make merry on the beginning of new year by going to bash or a party place and some go to church or temple to be sanctified from god for the whole year and asking for the forgiveness of faux pas or misdemeanor committed on previous year... 

Well i have nothing against people who go for social gathering, actually even i love to merrymaking and dance even after not having the knack for it :P
Its good to have fun too. :-) :- ) Which i miss !!!!
Yep the day began by going to church at 31st night. :-)

I specially thank friends who kept me in prayers and wished me, its really kindhearted of them and you feel humbled when you know that someone care for you. Friends are most important part of each's life..

"Lucky are those for having different friends for each occasion but blessed are those for having same friends on all occasion."
Its not easy to sustain relationship with one, my sincere thanks to all for being with me always.

There are many things to achieve in this 2014... will have to put more efforts to accomplish dreams.. Already geared up for it.. Let's see how it works out.

Now, would like to wish you a very happy new year, may this year bring love, peace and abundance in your life :-) Que la bénédiction du Seigneur soit avec tous. May lord's blessing be with all.


The whole universe conspires to help when you try to achieve something


29th Dec'13

With so many things life is consisted of.. Days pass by sometime and you remain perplexed of the current status quo... There is a lot of dreams that you wish to fulfill but not sure if it is ever gonnna happen. To overcome daily complications we formulate to do things in certain way but it remain unexecuted.

Few days back read this line of bible from an holy bible app where everyday you receive a daily verse.. It was like this,


"Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand."

               We ponder over on so many thoughts in our lives, had ever calculated how many of them were completed or made it live. ? If analysed more of this notions are worries, which occupies our brain entire day. But as read above, its up to Lord of what we receive and not obtain.

This doesn't mean that you must leave everything to God cause he(Lord) just show us the way and its on to us if we take the step or not..
Well we must never stop dreaming of what we want, Lord being a father of ours make sure that we receive the best we can handle. And also it is said, "If you wish to achieve something in life, the whole universe conspires to get it for you.

Being human we are frightened, we fear of losing those people or those things that are close to our heart or something which we never ever would think of going out of our hand. But friends there is no fun without challenges, let trouble come, do not fear, strive to overcome those problems and damn after accomplishing the work, the happiness you receive is incredible. Its a feeling of proudness. :-) Its similar to the one that your parents feel when you do something unexpected and come to a success.

Enjoy each moments that you live, give away grudges if there is any... Bring happiness by being happy :-) as when you are happy, people around you also get blissed. Never resist yourselves from achieving your dream, one day you will live what you wished for.


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