Athapu design - participated in athapu making competition

After brainstorming on title, chose to settle with the above written simplest one. I should have done it 50 seconds before. It's always a hurdle for a writer to think and come with interesting titles but if this post was to be for my client then certainly would had come with some fancy text.
Don't know why, soon after writing the title i hit the tab key on keyboard for 7 times to get the cursor on this text box to resume with my blog and it happened to start with "Dear all", probably my 'Work' affect, as i happen to write mails to my client beginning with "Dear" also typing on an average 30-40 mails a day which subconsciously apparently coerce myself to such inadvertent type.

I was to write about this title on Last Sunday, as on 24th Aug, we participated in Athapu (Flower design) making competition organized by Malayala Manorama & Akbar Travels at Matunga at Flamingo Banquet Hall.

We reached the venue and at entrance itself registration was happening. We gave our confirmation of booking ourselves before, took a step further in preparing ourselves for the competition. Now what we saw is a huge crowd of elders specially Uncle and Aunties of age above 40 and some of less than 15 age, presuming them to be the kids of this elders who are participants and competitors to us.
Everyone was occupied in chopping of those flowers to very tiny crumb as finally those tiny bits and pieces makes your design appear further effective which me or my team wasn't aware of  through the end as we were doing it for the first time ever.

Max were in their traditional attire similarly was us and me deep down was specially concerned of my mundu that it not get loose and embarrass myself in front of 100 and at the other end i see the rest running wearing this mundu.. Woah.. I being cautious while walking and letting not one to know about me being disquiet through facial expression :P :D but at the end i learned how to overlap mundu above the knee ;-) Well it's indeed pretty cool to be in a traditional attire and walking wearing in midst of Mumbai crowd, you sense like alien but when amongst your own friends then who cares...

After having breakfast we resumed our work again in cutting flower petals as previous night doing it till late 1 a.m. couldn't finish off the work. Due to additional need of this petals in a very small pieces we knew, may have to entrust 2 people in chopping petals to small pieces so we could achieve exactly the designs requirement.
Announcement was made, competition will start in few mins, we wrapped all necessary component
of the design and lead to the design hall and on bell ring we commenced our work.
Only 2 days practice on design and no plan on how to color our abstract design, with void preparation we proceeded with the competition, having no background skills in making our Athapu design.
Later, it was mentioned on mic, only half an hour left after 2 hours and we noticed our design and then at others, where other team finished more than 90% of the design and we probably could accomplish barely 60% of it. It was honestly tragical plight to us as we do not want to end being unsuccessful in designing the Athapu. Eventually attained completing the work with alteration on 3rd circle of the layout as we were left with exceptionally short time. But we did our best ultimately in executing the work in given period of time.

Came out of the design hall and hopped for food to fill empty tummy.. hehe.. Bhukad hu thoda :PBut whatever, the food was simply delicious, craved to go for another trip but hesitated :D in malayalam i must say it as nannam :P

Have posted the pictures of the athapu design in pinterest profile.. Adding the widget here..

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Interesting and amazing designs, right? Even i was amazed with many talented work. 
Looking ahead to participate in the competition again next year and put front to people our (Mira Road Mgocsm people's) great skills. ;-)

- 29th Aug'14


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