Happy Birthday Bhai

Sitting on a executive chair used for computer work, i wrote this title and stopped. Now 5 days later, resuming today.. Hehe.. Day after day you are proceeding with multifarious topics to write but it demands extensively spare time which i must not restrain myself from writing but at the end my body is exhausted and breathe and invoke to get laid on bed instantly after reaching home.

To put good imagination a bit of extra time is necessary.

It was 15th Aug'14.
This year got to learn that its just not my Brother's birthday, nor also an Independence Day of India but also a day celebrated as a Assumption of Mother Mary. Ah! at least, at this 23rd age i got to know about it or otherwise might have been dumb to my kids in giving knowledge.
Previous night of it, Mum asked, Eda ("Hey", in Malayalam) you going to Church tomorrow morning, there is a prayer (the whole statement was in malayalam) and looking at mum, deeply a thought running in mind, suspecting my own intensity, if i be able to rise with spark and head at church or just be lazying on bed. Ultimately, the next day, since we had leave so body didn't get up or got off the bed (Not blaming self, as my own beef itself was an explanation to it)

Firstly, dropped, wished my partner in crime at many times and a big time support in my life always.
I had put him in trouble and many times he did with me.. following the law, tit for tat.. hehe.. it was customary in those days of childhood to beat down your siblings and kick off the outsiders too if incase anyone did wrong to your brother or sister. Nelson, always been my protection, took care of me always whenever i had a fight with anyone and at many other occasion.
Words remain always minimal to speak about such moments. From 3rd paragraph i am thinking on what to write more pleasing, actually there are many incidents to pen down but i have poor habit of treasuring them with me always and not disclose all the stories. I know the writer must always speak his heart for his reader, probably, the continuation of my writing may let me open and be more expressive in later days.

Couple of my friends dropped me the wishes for him. And here is a post shared by me, wishing in FB. Pic was taken few hour before of his move to abroad for work on Jan'14 with couple of my close friends presence.

Best wishes and prayer always for you. Take care.

- 20th Aug'14

Post by Rejo Raju.

Best wishes and prayer always for you. Take care.

- 20th Aug'14


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