Resuming work


9th April'13

Got done with exam couple of days back. Well the exam was not so very good :P
When your exam is over you get so relief from tension, headache and everything. The first thing i did after reaching home from exam was retiring on bed, my sleepless night for a week was horrible for me, again i don't get sleep during such time it may be due to tension but gotta suffer to prepare and so not to get screwed :D

Finally i am fine and cool but still there is one more paper remaining which will be held on 25th of this month :( Ah! it doesn't bother me much cause its only one paper.. hehe.. 

Now back to blogging and learning many other things. Well today i resumed my blogging in also will be contributing in henceforth. Lets see how will i be able to manage both of this program, will be spending more time to write article for both of them. 

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Take care all :)


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