Judging others and making wrong decision


30th April'13

Why we all are interested in judging others without knowing the fact. Why people play the role of God ? Why one get influence by other ? Why not one make their own decision ? This is the question that comes in my mind when other judges. 

I have mentioned "Why people play the role of God ?", because we often do that; people do make mistakes and every one of us tend to commit mistake and here we must forgive them and move ahead instead of judging them and playing the role of God. Judging others will keep one person away from you and only thing you will have for that person is grudges, do you think it is worthwhile ? 
Some time we make judgement by knowing the true fact and by not knowing.
Well even if we know the so-called true facts, and the person had hurt us purposefully, do we really need to punish them ? And after punishing a person will the mistakes be rectified ? Instead of this, why not make them understand what is good or wrong. Yeah though People are grown ups and mature, they have the capability of understanding things on their own but by making them know to work on right things, will not put your value down, it will raise yourselves up as you are teaching someone on living good. We are humans, we are bound to make mistakes and with mistakes we learn and after committing a mistake we improves and we all of us, in one or the other way, intentionally or unintentionally do make mistakes. If you think you did something wrong and seek for forgiveness; so, why not forgive for what wrong others did to you ? Forgive other and move ahead, let it go. Surely you will feel proud of yourself for what you did. 

Another thing is, Why one get influence by other ? 

Damn! God has given you eye to see, ear to hear, brain to think. After having all these qualities why not make your own decision ? why getting carried away by others perception ? Think on your own and make decision, letting others come and drive you away into a wrong path with their influencing words shows that you do not have your own capabilities. Its good to make a decision after understanding a person well and not by understanding partially.

Hope some people learn things with time, as with time we get knowledge and with time we get wisdom. 


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