Respect whom you meet


28th Dec'13

We encounter with many people daily... 
Our friends, relatives, siblings and more... Reason for saying "more" is cause every person we meet across is connected with us and we get in relationship with them in one or the other way.

Sometime we come in  a situation where we find people behave in a uncanny way or maybe a way that we didn't expected them to react so, as to which we pass some remark on them irrespective of their presence or absence and comment is always turn out to be negative or it can also be a scepticism on person or either a question may get raised in erroneous way in our mind. And this all happen without knowing the key reason of their reaction.

This made me think of a story which is like this...

There was a father, whose son met with an accident and he was to be hospitalized immediately, father got his son at hospital.. Doctor came and began the operation, when surgical procedure was over, doctor moved instantaneously from that place without having word with the father of a boy whom he operated. On seeing doc's behavior, father got exasperate and started contemplating about doctor's rude behavior and stepped ahead angrily to nurse at the near counter who was executing some paper work and said, how discourteous the doctor have appeared to him; on asking why ? Father Exclaimed that the doc moved away without saying word or advising him about the prescription to be given to his Kid... To which Nurse said; Sir, The doctor who operated your son was performing last rights of his son, as his son is no more after being met with an accident.. While performing his last rights he was given a call to rescue your son and now he is accelerating for the cremation. Listening to this Father felt embarrassed.

Its a nice story to think about.

Suddenly in resentment we say many things to people we meet, to which we never try to understand what opposite person may be going through currently and we hurl him with bitter words.

To this a very nice quote came in my mind which is "Don't use harsh words on someone cause you may not know what phase that person may be going through".

Keep smiling and make others smile. :-)


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